Tiptree Jobserve Bowls Club

Club History

A Brief History of Tiptree Bowls Clubs Bowling, in one form or another, has been around for a very long time. Legend has it that a particularly bloodthirsty medieval king enjoyed nothing more than rolling the severed heads of recently executed prisoners at a target, and this has been claimed to be the origin of the game. An intriguing idea but clearly apocryphal, since the game can be traced back much further than that.

The oldest artefacts relating to a bowling type of game are a set of stone 'bowls' which were found in the tomb of an Egyptian child, who played his last game in about 5200 BC. For further information about the known history of bowls, there is a link on the links page of this website to a comprehensive 'Online Guide to Traditional Games'.

The first record I can find of bowls in Tiptree is in 1929, when a group of Anchor Press Sports and Social Club members formed a Bowls Group. I presume they only played by invitation at other clubs, since the first Tiptree bowling green was not constructed until 1931, on land to the rear of the King's Arms Public House in Kelvedon Road. Both the pub and its green have long since disappeared and housing now occupies the site.

A new green was built at the Anchor Press works in Gladstone Road, alongside the 'Crab & Winkle' railway line to Tollesbury, but I don't have a date for the move. If anybody can advise, please contact me via the 'contact us' button on this website. In 1967, or thereabouts, Anchor Press had need of the land occupied by the bowls green, to extend its loading bays, and so the bowls club found itself to be homeless once again. Such is the irresistible compulsion to play bowls, that the club members negotiated to rent and share a bowls green in Witham, at Ivy Chimneys in Hatfield Road. This arrangement lasted for a couple of seasons, before a new green was ready for use at its present home of Warrior's Rest, in 1970.

A state of the art chicken shed had been acquired and erected by club members for use as a club house. The same clubhouse is still in use today, with the addition of a brick built lavatory block. The green was officially opened a few years later by the Managing Director of Anchor Press, C F Willis, and a wooden plaque commemorating the event can be seen hanging in the club conservatory (Porch).

In 1976, George Lawrence (Deceased) was the first club member to obtain his County Badge, since which time a number of male and female members have achieved the same status. In 2008 the club faced closure after the demise of the Anchor Press Sports and Social Club. Fortunately, Jobserve Sports and Social Club negotiated the tenure of Warrior's Rest from Colchester Borough Council, and a new 125 year lease.

In 2009 the Club became known as Tiptree Jobserve Bowls Club, starting a new era of bowls in Tiptree.

In 2014 the club had a successfull year, winning the Memorial Shield, Men's N.W.E. Triples Winners, C.M.B.L. Div. 2 Championship.

In 2016 more success for the club winning the Memorial Shield, C.M.B.L. KO Shield Div1-3 Winners, Essex Ladies Triples.

The following year 2017, Widdop Cup, Colchester Borough League Division C Champions, Essex Ladies Triples.

2018 the men's Colchester Borough team gained their second promotion in successive years into the A Division as Champions. The N. W. E. men's team won the B Division championship returning to the top league after being relegated the previous seasons.